Nusantara Tour and Travel

Nusantara Tour And Travel Nusantara Tour and Travel

Nusantara Tour and Travel Semarang is a service company  that provides air ticket booking services, hotels, vehicles both within and outside the country,You can contact Nusantara Tour and Travel Semarang by telephone, but will be free if you come to his office.
A variety of airlines that can be  ordered  through the  Nusantara tour and travel, such as: Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batavia Air, Wings Air, Sriwijaya and Other airlines. Shipping companies that cooperate with the Nusantara tour and travel is Star Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Princess Cruise.

We can take care of a letter or a visa or passport documents out of the country  through  Nusantara  tour  and travel services, with an estimated  passport  and visa processing time of about one to two-week visa and you can finish. Destinations served by service bureaus  Nusantara  tour and travel are: Asia, Europe, Africa, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. As well as domestice package tour in Bali, Lombok, Minahasa, Manado, and other tourist destinations.

Interesting promo, Nusantara tour and travel in cooperation  with the hotels, airlines, shipping companies  provide  promotion  that allows  you to get a cheaper cost if you use a package that was created by the Nusantara tour and travel, Train tickets can be booked in the Nusantara tour and travel, trains are available goals is majoring in Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Tegal, Pekalongan.

Address of the Nusantara Tour and Travel Semarang  

Head Offices :
Komplek Pertokoan Simpang Lima Block C / 6 Semarang 50241
Phone : 62-24-8442888
Fax : 62-24-8316217 / 8314173
Email :

Branch Offices :
Jl. Gang Besen  No. 8
Phone : 62-24-3554888, 3545321
Fax : 62-24-3544375, 3559960
Email :


Jl. Puri Anjasmoro B1/11
Phone : 62-24-70696226, 70696336
Fax : 62-24-7618880
Email :

Jl. Tlogosari Raya No. 5
Phone : 62-24-91006868, 91006969
Fax : 62-24-6713407
Email :

Jl. Tirto Agung 11 Tembalang
Phone : 62-24-70764545, 70784545
Email :

Arcade Hotel Patra Jasa
Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 1
Phone : 62-24-8505859 / 8314441

Feel free to use service bureaus Nusantara Tour and Travel and Semarang Tourism  for your event or job.


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