Kampung Laut Restaurant

KAMPUNG LAUT RESTAURANT – is the place most suitable for your event, Events such as Weddings, Conferences, Family, Saturday night, available food and to taste our delicious, Food available in this restaurant is the variety of seafood and a variety of fresh vegetables, various Chili.

Besides you can eat a variety of seafood you are pampered with a calm and soothing, You can fish for yourself if your hobby with fishing and you can ask cooked it’ll feel fresh fish to eat, Your kids can play with a small boat that has been provided by the ocean village, for safety must be accompanied by a parent,

For couples who want a romantic atmosphere, the weather at night with a bright pair can enjoy a candle in a glass and a star accompany because there is a place where lovers can freely look at the sky, as a complement to romantic, lovers can listen to the chant of the singers in KAMPUNG LAUT RESTAURANT, for those of you who want a family room which contained air conditioner there is also provided.

we can take beautiful pictures with the background KAMPUNG LAUT RESTAURANT building, the background of water that lay blue, background or on a boat unique wood, take pictures at night would be wonderful with the view of the lights neatly packed and exciting, do not worry if you visit there by car, parking space available for your vehicle and there is parking security officer who oversees security of your vehicle.

Please visit KAMPUNG LAUT RESTAURANT Address: Puri Maerokoco Anjasmoro Street, Tawang Mas, Semarang – Indonesia.

Transportation to the KAMPUNG LAUT RESTAURANT from Semarang Ahmad Yani Airport about 10 minutes while to the KAMPUNG LAUT RESTAURANT from Tawang railway station about 20 minutes.


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