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Gumaya Tower Hotel

Semarang city is one of the interesting cities in Indonesia to be visited by tourists, both foreign and domestic, the attractiveness of the city of Semarang itself includes Batik, Keris, the building of cultural diversity and ancient buildings that have historical value and aesthetic, and not least is the the typical Semarang like lumpia, Bandeng Juwana, Tahu Bakso, Wingko babat, Es Degan and still many more. Semarang there are many places to shop offering a very diverse, ranging from clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, and many others, visit in Semarang should be more than one day because it will make you comfortable and satisfied with a wide range of tourism activities in Semarang. one alternative is to stay in Semarang is hotel, Gumaya Tower hotel, five star hotel with a much favored by tourists. Special offer : Coffee,  Tea or Chocolate and cake Dim Sum – All You can Eat Sky Line Fantastic Offer  buy 1 get 1 free (Term and conditions apply) Special discount up to 50% off (from The Patisserie, pastries and cakes shop) Meeting@gumaya Continue Reading →

Lion Air

Lion Air is Airlines widely used in Indonesia and in particular Semarang, lion Air plane is identical to the color red, Although there are airlines that are red, The difference is a plane logo with a picture of a lion, Lion Air has a broad majors in Indonesia (36 cities) and overseas (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines ), Continue Reading →


Semarang is one of the beautiful sights and interesting in Indonesia generally and in particular central java, the opportunity this time I’ll make a note of the culinary, culinary characteristic of semarang one of which is Lumpia , because in addition to many more culinary in semarang such as Bandeng, serabi, but the Lumpia  are very delicious food and tasty, but good lumpia semarang identical to the culinary. Continue Reading →

Simpang Lima Residence

Simpang Lima Residence is one place to rest in your holiday in Semarang, Simpang Lima residence located at Semarang city center and within walking distance to shopping centers like Citraland Mall, Matahari Department Stores, Cafes and Cinemas, Continue Reading →

Kosti Taxi

Kosti taxi  is one that often used in Semarang passengers to get around in the city of Semarang, Kosti taxi color  is blue like the Blue Bird Taxi but Kosti older blue color, Continue Reading →

Train Schedule

Train is the General  transportation used in the city of Semarang in addition to airplanes and buses,  the tourists usually use executive class, semarang Get Quality transportation between cities with other cities, because it has great facilities and comfortable, Semarang train schedule to the destination city (Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya). Continue Reading →